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Quantum Break’s Remedy Entertainment is Teasing a Big Announcement

by Kyle Hanson


In a new video simply titled The Greatest Trailer of All Time, Remedy Entertainment seems to be teasing a new game announcement of some sort. The developer is well known in the gaming world for creating Alan Wake and Quantum Break, leading to a lot of interest in whatever they’re crafting next. The trailer itself gives little to no info about what this announcement could be, but we at least get the promise that whatever it is teasing, it is “coming soon.”

This has, of course, set off a firestorm of rumors and speculation. Some are hoping for a return to the Alan Wake games, which debuted in 2010 after a long development cycle. While the game didn’t sell too well on its initial release, it has garnered a cult following and generated decent sales throughout its long life. Many have been asking for an Alan Wake 2 for some time, though Remedy put a lot of effort into launching their new franchise of Quantum Break.

The formerly Xbox One exclusive title garnered wide praise on its release, and has sold very well. Whatever this announcement is, it is more likely to be Quantum Break related, or at least something wholly new.

Now we just have to wait and see. Things could become clearer at The Game Awards, which air on December 1st.

The Greatest Trailer of All Time

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