Attack of the Fanboy

Randomized Decks in Tavern Brawl This Week

by William Schwartz


Encounter at the crossroads! Pick a class. Let’s see what’s in your decks this time!

Five weeks in, and a pattern is starting to emerge. Blizzard appear to be alternating random and constructed decks for Tavern Brawl, as the latest installment is almost completely randomized. Players choose a class and receive a random deck that includes their class cards as well as creatures from all three Hearthstone sets. Also, this is not a drill: you can draw multiple copies of the same Legendary.

With little room for preplanning, this Tavern Brawl tests your improvisational skills. Mage is as always a strong choice due to the class’s monstrously useful Hero power. The best class to play, though, is the class that you like best, and the second best class to play is any of the classes that you’re interested in trying out. Wins in Tavern Brawl count towards fulfilling your quests, too, which spices up grinding those occasionally tedious objectives.

As ever, your first win gives you a free pack from the classic set of Hearthstone cards, and is probably the easiest way currently available for new players to expand their card pool without shrinking their wallet. Encounter at the Crossroads is set to last until the end of this weekend.

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