WWE 2K22 Randy Orton

Randy Orton Somewhat Confirmed For WWE 2K22 Roster

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WWE 2K22 may have only been announced in April, but slowly more wrestlers are getting revealed for the game’s full roster. We now have some confirmation today from 2K Games that Randy Orton will be in the game.

Twitter user X – MJJ asked the game’s Executive Producer Patrick Gilmore if Randy Orton’s entrance will be improved for WWE 2K22. In the past, the lighting during Randy Orton’s entrance in the video game does not match the beat of the guitar riff for his ‘Voices’ entrance theme.

It looks like we may finally get a better entrance for this year’s game. Gilmore replied to the fan by saying: “I think you will be happy with Randy Orton’s entrance!“.  This is somewhat confirmation that Randy Orton will be in the game’s roster when it launches in Fall 2021.

The confirmed roster for the game is now Rey Mysterio, Cesaro, Ric Flair, Booker T, Bayley and now Randy Orton was revealed today. Hopefully more names are announced very soon.

In related news, Gilmore also confirmed on his Twitter account that the development team has “captured over 4,800 new animations so far this year“. This is 1000 more moves than in previous games, and more animations are still to be added!

The WWE2K Dev page also posted on Twitter a new video showcasing the many motion capture moves that will be in the game.

This is all the news we have for today in regards to WWE 2K22. The game will be released later this year.

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