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Real Life Stephen Curry Is Better Than His NBA 2K16 Counterpart

by Damian Seeto


Usually in video games, NBA players perform better as there are no outside factors taken into account such as health issues and things like that. However, the real life Stephen Curry is playing much better than his counterpart in NBA 2K16.

ESPN told 2K Sports to run a simulation on Stephen Curry in NBA 2K16 to see how the video game version fared against the real life one. The real life version is putting up better stats than the virtual one which is very surprising to say the least.

The simulation lasted for 50 games which is the same amount that the real life version has played up to this point. The statistics are in favor of the real Stephen Curry. In terms of points per game, the real one has an average of 29.8 points which is up from the 28.5 points that the 2K Curry got. For games scoring over 30 points, the real one has 36 games with the 2K one only at 23.

20 point quarters are also more impressive for the real one as he’s done it 7 times so far this season. The virtual one only did it twice during his season. Lastly, the real one is projected to get 388 three pointers while the video game one only has 293 three pointers.

It goes without saying that Curry is one of the best NBA players to come around in a long time. Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot deny how good he is. At the rate he’s playing now, he and the Golden State Warriors could become NBA Champions again.

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