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Reality Pump Closes Its Doors Following Bankruptcy

by William Schwartz


Reports have come in stating that Reality Pump, the developer behind both Two Worlds titles, has shut down due to financial distress. GamePressure has broken the news on their fellow Polish-based entity. The team had whittled down to about thirty heads, having seen much of the workforce head over to CD Projekt RED, leaving very few to work on their latest project.

That project was Raven’s Cry. And if you’ve read our review (or anyone’s, for that matter), you know it fell far from what little expectations it raised and provided an immensely unenjoyable and incomplete experience. This pirate-themed atrocity, which was thrust upon the developer with heavy time and budget constraints, was likely the final blow that delivered Reality Pump’s demise.

Reality Pump’s staff that stuck around to the bitter end is said to have mostly been picked up by the developer of Basement Crawl, Bloober Team. So there is some good news regarding those impacted by the closure it seems. This does leave one question, “What is to become of the survival-horro game Sacrilegium, if anything?” That’s an answer that will have to wait until the developer’s publisher, TopWare Interactive, decides to make an official statement.

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