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Red Ash Coming to Consoles Despite Mediocre Kickstarter

by William Schwartz


It’s hard not to feel sorry for Mega Man fans right now. Sure, the Blue Bomber is in Super Smash Bros., but both the fans and creator Keiji Inafune have had very few wins in recent years. So far, the Red Ash: The Indelible Legend Kickstarter has not counted among them. It’s perhaps this knowledge that has influenced comcept USA to partner with FUZE Entertainment to publish at least its prologue, Red Ash: The KalKanon Incident regardless of the result of the Kickstarter — and with less than $500,000 of its $800,000 goal and only three days to go, it’s not looking likely to be a success.

In a Kickstarter update, comcept USA confirmed their partnership with FUZE as a “done deal”. Their main campaign pitch has been modified to reflect this, and further backing will be seen as continuing towards stretch goals to the game — which have not yet been revealed, despite the dwindling time to do so.

Thanks to the investment from FUZE Entertainment, the update reads, we have now secured the budget to create our original vision for this prologue game, which means we will be able to create KalKanon in its entirety. This means that backers will now be able to explore and uncover the mysteries of KalKanon that are hidden in each area and episode that we originally planned for this campaign. We have updated our map of KalKanon as a result!

While the China-based digital entertainment company will publish Red Ash and port it to both Playstation 4 and Xbox One, comcept themselves will retain the rights to the property. With Mighty No. 9 still not yet released and thus no way to gauge the quality of these Mega Man-inspired successors, there’s no real way to measure how much these rights will be worth.




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