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Red Dead Online Finally Leaves Beta Behind With Major Update

New missions, poker, and even more.

by Dean James


Red Dead Redemption 2 released last Fall to rave reviews around the board, with Red Dead Online not launching until a bit later. Since that time, Red Dead Online has remained in beta, but now it has been announced that the game is officially leaving the beta alongside a major update for the game that is now available.

Rockstar Games announced that Red Dead Online was officially leaving its beta through the Rockstar Newswire, where they laid out all the new changes coming to the online service. With this update comes both new co-op and free roam missions to enjoy, as well as the addition of competitive fishing in Posse Versus Challenges and plenty of new Dynamic Events as you travel across the world map.

Poker has finally arrived with this new update, with you able to play either at public tables or in private tables with friends. The stakes are even higher in the public tables, so you have plenty that you can win. This has been a much requested feature, so it’s great to finally see it being added. Red Dead Online’s latest update also adds a new Showdown Mode with Overrun, which has you going behind enemy lines to take territory, while also protecting your own.

New modes aren’t the only things being added, as the LeMat Revolver has also been added as a new gun that you can purchase in Red Dead Online. This is joined by a number of new clothing items and emotes as well, with more of these coming weekly.

This latest update also brings the ability to select your playing style between Offensive and Defensive. Offensive is the default option you are used to in free roam, while Defensive will be signified by a little shield icon and is for those just trying to explore the world and not get in conflict with others. This does not mean they are not able to be attacked by other players, but it definitely will be tougher to take them down. This also works in tandem with some changes involving the Hostility System as well. In addition, there are plenty of balancing and improvements in this update that are broken down further in the Rockstar Newswire post about this update.

In honor of Red Dead Online leaving beta, PS4 owners without PS Plus are getting a special trial that allows them to play it without PS Plus through May 27th. PS4 owners will also be getting early access for upcoming content as well.

There is plenty more to come with Red Dead Online beyond the new content mentioned above, so stay tuned for more in the coming months.

Red Dead Online

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