Red Dead Online Naturalist Role is all about Animals

Calling all hunters... or animal lovers.

by AOTF Staff

Red Dead Online is getting another big push from Rockstar with an update that brings a new pursuit for Red Dead Online players.  Becoming The Naturalist will be all about tracking, hunting, and studying the animals of Red Dead Redemption.

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Like the other roles, The Naturalist will introduce new characters to the game world, a conservationist and a retired big game hunter.  Players will get to choose which path they will take, whether that’s hunting down the animals for their furs for Gus or protecting and studying the wildlife for Harriet.

Alongside the new characters, there’s going to be some new Legendary Animals as well.  Seven new animals, each having three sub-species.  The Naturalist will also offer new skills like a mercy kill, a new camera, and free roam events.

It sounds like there’s going to be plenty to do in Red Dead Online following the update.  With a new Outlaw Pass that will allow players to earn different items and bonuses along the way.  Plus, depending on who they choose to do their work for, they’ll have the possibility to collect hundreds of different clothing items that have been added to the game in the update.  For those that enjoyed the hunting aspects of Red Dead Redemption 2, The Naturalist might be a reason to dip your toes back into Red Dead Online.