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Red Dead Redemption: Exclusive Content Coming to PS3

by William Schwartz


When Red Dead Redemption hit retail this week, multiplatform gamers will have a choice to make.  Which system do you want to own Red Dead Redemption on?

Well if exclusive content can sway your decision, the PS3 version just might be the version you will be taking home.   Advertised right on the cover of the PS3 version is an blurb that details the exclusive content on the PS3.  This includes content called Solomon’s Folly Gang Hideout and Walton Gang Outfit that will be included free for Playstation 3 owners.

It really doesn’t matter what platform you snag Red Dead Redemption on though.  Rockstar’s tribute to the Old West is sure to be a hit for anyone who likes the idea of an open world game in the vein of Grand Theft Auto set in a different time period.

Red Dead Redemption is set to tell the tale of John Marston which ever platform you end up deciding on.  Except PC, you’re not ever getting Red Dead Redemption, and we mean never.

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