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Redbox Restocking Fallout 3 In Preparation For Fallout 4 Announcement?

by Damian Seeto


Redbox are suspiciously restocking their supply of Fallout 3 games. Do they know a Fallout 4 announcement at E3 is imminent?

According to a report from Hardcore Gamer, Redbox kiosks in North America are set to restock Fallout 3 games on June 16th. This is interesting because kiosks usually only stock new games that are still in demand. Also, June 16th is the day E3 starts.

It’s highly possible Redbox expects a Fallout 4 announcement will be happening at E3 2015. Lots of evidence has been uncovered over the last couple of weeks. Not to mention Bethesda is holding its first ever press conference at E3 on June 14th.

Redbox wouldn’t restock Fallout 3 randomly in June if no Fallout 4 announcement is made. Either Redbox knows something, or they are just expecting something big will be announced like the rest of us. It would be disappointing if Fallout 4 isn’t announced. Redbox will probably have to stock their kiosks with another game. Nobody would play Fallout 3 if no announcement is made for its sequel.

Other than a press conference, Bethesda revealed a RPG game will be showcased at E3 2015. There was also the LinkedIn profile of an employee who said he worked on Fallout 4’s cinematic trailer. All the signs are there, now it’s time for the actual official announcement to happen.

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