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Reminder: PlayStation 4 System Update 2.0 Goes Live Today

by Dean James


The PlayStation 4 released just under a year ago and has found itself dominating the gaming market in that time, a big change from the start of the previous generation where Microsoft dominated. Over the last year, Microsoft has continued to bring many updates to the Xbox One each month, while PlayStation 4 owners have had smaller releases with updates here and there, but the big update you have been waiting for is finally here.

Today is the moment that all PlayStation 4 owners have been awaiting, the release of System Update 2.0, also known as Masamune. Bringing a bevy of features, System Update 2.0 has been hyped by many, though it still happens to be missing many of the most requested features like DLNA support.

Perhaps the most intriguing new feature is that of Share Play, which will let friends play games that their friends own with them online, without owning it themselves. However, there are some limitations such as only being able to do so one hour at a time. You can find further details about this amazing new feature right here as well.

Sony has never quite had a standard on what time they release new updates, so make sure to keep an eye out today and experience all the fun of PlayStation 4 System Update 2.0.

PS4 System Update 2.0 Overview

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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