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Remote Play is Sony’s Response to Nintendo Switch in Japan

by Jose Belmonte


Sony has launched a new promotional campaign for its PlayStation consoles in Japan focused on their connectivity functions, which allow owners of a PlayStation 4 to continue with their game session on a PlayStation Vita via streaming. The timing of this campaign suggests that the company wants to make sure costumers who are interested on the Nintendo Switch’s hybrid capabilities also know that they can enjoy a sort-of-similar experience on PS consoles, on the days leading up to the Christmas campaign.

Nintendo Switch certainly seems to have enchanted Japanese gamers with its double duty as a portable and a home console, with the device topping the hardware weekly charts regularly and selling at a much faster rate than its biggest rival: Sony’s PlayStation 4. But while Japanese customers’ natural preference for portable consoles means that the PS4 was never likely to reach the sales heights of the Switch, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing that can be done to make the home-only console a more attractive purchase.

PlayStation Vita’s sales in Western markets might have been largely disappointing, but for six years the console has had a healthy sales rate in its home land. With 5,7 million PSVitas sold in Japan, it’s easy to see why would Sony want to inform those users that by adding a PS4 to their collection they could be getting an impressive catalogue of games without losing much in terms of portable experience.

Seems fitting that the company has decided to promote Remote Play with the biggest game of the year for PS4: Dragon Quest XI, which was released over the summer for Nintendo 3DS, PS4, and it’s expected to reach the Switch at some point next year. The commercial features an spectacular scene much in line with other previous campaigns, to then present gameplay footage of the Remote Play app.

Watch the new commercial below, as well as a Remote Play user guide in Japanese, released on the same day.

PlayStation®Vita | The Back Side of Remote Play

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