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Research Firm claims Xbox One beat PS4 on Black Friday

by William Schwartz


Microsoft’s marketing turnaround for the Xbox One has been pretty remarkable, considering the hole the company dug themselves at the console’s initial reveal. Numerous improvements and tweaks to the system, followed by a seismic shift in pricing for the Xbox One has apparently made the console the most desirable on the market, and at just the right time.

Research firm claims Xbox One held over 50% market share during Black Friday

InfoScout, a market research firm has revealed that according to their data, the Xbox One outsold the PlayStation 4 significantly during Black Friday.  The console which was on sale for $330, bundled with games, was the lower-priced alternative for shoppers.  The Infoscout research suggests that the Xbox One had upwards of 50% in total gaming console market share on Black Friday, with Sony’s PS4 being its closest competitor.

So how did Infoscout come up with these totals?  According to Venture Beat, the research firm uses smartphone apps that reward purchasers with coupons for uploading their purchase information.

A healthy Black Friday is something the company was certainly hoping for, especially considering the many measures Microsoft has been taking to foster adoption of their new console.  The unprecedented price cut coupled with enticing pack-in games.  A side note on the InfoScout’s research show that Nintendo’s Wii U is still selling way behind the Xbox One and PS4, despite what many consider the best line-up of exclusives games in 2014.  The Wii U did not surpass even the Xbox 360 in sales for the shopping holiday.

- This article was updated on:November 30th, 2014

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