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Resident Evil 2 DLC Ghost Survivors is Out Today

Three New Tales From Racoon City

by Jordan Kamm


Along with a whole host of big game releases the DLC for last months remaster of Resident Evil 2 is out today. The DLC is entitled Ghost Survivors, and is three alternate stories taken place in Racoon City during the Zombie outbreak. These are completely separate from the main events of the game featuring characters never met by Leon or Claire.

Capcom has stated that these are “What if” stories taking place at different times than the main adventure. There are three stories being told. The story, No Time to Mourn, of Robert Kendo, owner of Kendo Gun Store who takes to the streets of Racoon City in order to face a new type of poisonous zombie. The story, Runaway, of Katherine Warren, the Mayors Daughter is trying to escape the city as she’s hunted down by super mutated enemies. Lastly there’s the story of Forgotten Soldier, following the lost solider named Ghost as he tried to make his way to safety through hordes of highly armoured Zombies.

These stories are just little glimpses into the lives of others having to deal with the invasion. These stories are meant to give a greater sense of scope to the horrors of Racoon City. Though they maybe fighting for their lives there is a chance they wont make it out alive.

Ghost Survivors drops today, Feb. 15th for Free.

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