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Resident Evil 4 For Nintendo Switch Does Not Have Motion Controls

The Wii version still remains the king.

by Dean James


Resident Evil 4 is easily one of the most re-released games of the last few generations of consoles and it likely will continue to do so moving forward in future generations. The latest of these releases is for Nintendo Switch, which had people wondering whether or not it would include motion controls like in the Wii version. Now that the game has started to release in other territories, that question has now been answered and people likely aren’t going to like the outcome.

When Resident Evil 4 initially released for GameCube, the game obviously didn’t have any sort of motion controls. This all changed when the game released for the Wii two years later, offering one of the best shooter experiences on the platform. This became the golden standard for playing Resident Evil 4, which had people hoping we may get that feature included for the Nintendo Switch release.

However, now that Resident Evil 4 for Switch has started to release in some regions, we now know that the game in fact does not have any sort of motion controls included. According to GameXplain, this is simply just the same type release that we’ve gotten in recent years on platforms like PS4 and Xbox One, which did not have motion controls themselves.

This is incredibly disappointing, as now that means we have to go back to the Wii to play this game if we want motions controls. Having an HD version of the game with the motion controls would have been really nice, so all we can do now is hope for a patch later that likely won’t ever come.

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