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Resident Evil 7 Not Coming to Nintendo Switch

| January 22, 2017

Resident Evil 7 Not Coming to Nintendo Switch News Nintendo  Resident Evil 7 Nintendo Switch Capcom

While PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC owners will be getting their hands on Resident Evil 7 very soon, those hoping that the horror franchise will arrive on the Nintendo Switch may be disappointed by recent comments by developers.

Accordingto Masachika Kawata (Producer) & Koshi Nakanishi (Director), Capcom has no plans to bring Resident Evil 7 to the Nintendo Switch.  In a recent interview, Kawata revealed that “we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch,”  despite the RE7 Producer personally thinking “it’s a very unique piece of hardware.”

We have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch

It could very well be a case of waiting to see how things go for Nintendo’s console, but it doesn’t sound like the highly anticipated title has a port in the works at this time.

Resident Evil 7 isn’t the first big third party AAA title to thumb its nose at Nintendo’s Switch.  Respawn Entertainment recently said that its shooter, Titanfall 2, wouldn’t even fit on the console.

Gearbox Software’s Randy Pitchford also defused the possibility of seeing Borderlands 3 on the console.  Even Bioware is looking to take a wait and see approach with brining their highly anticipated Mass Effect Andromeda to the Switch.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the Nintendo Switch and third party titles.  There are currently over 80 games in development on the console.  We’ve already seen some third party committment for the console with ports of Skyrim, Minecraft, Skylanders, Just Dance, and many others are slated to arrive this year and beyond.

Resident Evil 7 is due out on January 24th for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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  • Game Over

    Honestly I dont see any reason to buy this game on anything but PS4. Especially if you own the palystation vr. Its already shaping up to be a dry year for the Switch. Maybe I would buy one in a couple of years once they have some decent games but come on now Skyrim? Skyrim?

    • DeeX2

      Seems like a lot of people are thinking that way. From what I gather, a lot of the Switch pre-orders seem to be by reviewers and scalpers. I honestly don’t see this console being successive, especially since Scorpio is coming out near the holiday season, which is definitely something they do not need to compete with right now.

    • Madamsjr01

      The silly comment makes so much sense after seeing your profile pic.. smh.. The switch has more promise then the ps vr, and that’s not saying much

      • Allen

        PSVR is a fantastic VR headset, has a great game list, easy set up & good community. Completely different than the Switch which is promising games like Skyrim and Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a easy to carry tablet.

        That’s nothing like the Scorpio which may not even have VR support at launch and we have yet to see if the performance will be worth the wait and the higher price tag than the PS4 Pro which has native 4K games and impressive performance at $399.

        • Madamsjr01

          Rather wait for Scorpio … never settle

          • efnet

            Well said ?

          • Allen

            It’s not settling if there is very little difference between PS4 Pro and Scorpio, Scorpio costs $200 more and you still got to wait 10 months + for Scorpio. That’s called waiting for a fruitless reward.

            I will be highly critical of the Scorpio, it’s performance, it’s quality and it’s content. I mean I can tell you right now it has few exclusives when compared to the Pro so it’s already got a con off the top.

          • Madamsjr01

            You’re speaking on the price and performance as if it’s been announced..Highly critical? You’ve already passed judgement on something that you have absolutely zero knowledge about .. Until E3 no one knows about the specs or games.. You kids crack me up with this over the top loyalty. Just read your comments, you are literally trying to sell systems. How about this kid, leave the room at mom and dad’s house and get a job at gamestop if you want to sell systems. In the comments you look like a straight up nerd

          • Allen

            I haven’t passed judgement at all. Again I said I will be highly critical of them, I didn’t pass judgement. But you better believe that when they say “all games will be native 4K” they better deliver.

            The serious questions to ask:

            (1) Is waiting a year for Scorpio worth it.
            (2) Will Scorpio actually have games or just be more of the same like xbox is now.
            (3) Will the performance be worth the higher price tag.

            PS4 Pro already has very impressive performance, they also have a way bigger/better ecosystem and far more impressive library than Xbox. So to wait & pay more for less, I don’t see that as being worth it. But of course I will reserve my judgement for official announcements and proof.

          • Madamsjr01

            Oh and by the way the Xbox 1s which has native 4K games/movies and impressive performance. Price is also lower than the PS pro.. dude just imagine what’s about to come… I’m waiting on the Scorpio..

          • efnet

            He’s going to talk a hole in your head by repeating the same sh*t over and over and over again, best just do yourself a favor like others have and just ignore the silly antics and keep doing your own thing…
            Oh he will also throw the old ” as an xbox gamer” out there like just because his parents brought him an old xbox and one single game for Christmas he’s all of a sudden an expert ?
            The only game he’s turned on was halo mcc which he managed to 90 achievement score and only 1% completion which was back in December ?
            He’s not a gamer, his ps4 profile looked extremely similar before he blocked it after getting clowned about it, he’s just an over the top drama queen with the most outlandish stories you could ever read…..
            Tred carefully with this one.

          • Allen

            ROFLMAO, I unblocked you for a second to see what BS you were posting.

            (1) I don’t have to “complete” all the Halo’s on MCC to see the quality of the story line and to see that your best freaking game has a weak ass story and dull linear gameplay.

            (2) I played through:

            * Some of Halo CS as I beat this tons of times.
            * Some of Halo 2 as I have beat this a couple times. It’s after this I had 0 experience with.
            * Some of Halo 3 until I got board to death and decided to quit.
            * Some of Halo ODST (which I purchased separately) and realized that it was a spin off and really dumb. Turned that off too.
            * Started Halo 4 and as I said it has redeemed it’self a little here. Even though I know what’s going to happen because all these games are the same they at least did a better job on this one.
            * I’ll pick up Halo 5 from a bargain bin. It’s not worth the money I’m sure…especially looking at what the fans say.
            * Oh and I’ll pick up Reach at a later date – I’m sure it’s already in the $5 bargain bin somewhere but I’d rather play something a little better.

            (3) I also played some Forza 6 & Forza Horizon 3 (demos). Forza motorsport doesn’t make me feel sick anymore. It’s not just a copy and paste, now it’s just pure shit. I didn’t like the limit on the cars they had.

            Horizon 3 was actually good. Definitely a game I’ll pickup someday.

            (4) I’m laughing that you have been banned from Dualshockers. You should be banned from AOTF too because you are really just a piece of shit that brings nothing to the table. You don’t discus games, you can’t discus the console war or selling points. You just spew bull shit & lies and attack people because you are a weak pathetic fuck.

            Back to blocking you. No need to respond. Enjoy pretending to be like 10 different xbox fanboys on this site until you eventually get banned.

          • Optimus Prime

            You’ve literally played next to no games, your gt’s prove it and you keep lying, so sad. Maybe one day you will have a life when you move out of your parents basement

          • Allen

            Hi efnet. I beat CE and 2 long time ago. I hardly call giving 3 & ODST a chance and giving props to 4 in addition to that “next to nothing”. lol you are pathetic as is Xboxs best title

          • Optimus Prime

            Not efnet, still the same loser I see trying to win the internet, one day you’ll get off here and maybe go play a video game

          • Allen

            Sure you aren’t efnet…lol like I believe you.

            Considering I own every single platform PC, PS4, PS3 fully reverse compat. phat, WiiU, Wii which is also BC with Gamecube….and outside of work I don’t sit here and comment like you…err…efnet is 7 days a week, day, night, weekends & holidays. I’m gaming most the time I’m not at work. Even when I’m done gaming personally then I go on to game with the family. Freaking games like Tricky Towers, Critter Crunch, Tetris Attacks, Rayman Legends, Trine 2, Start the Party, Buzz or Buzz Jr & my favorite family/party game – Singstar.

          • Optimus Prime

            Again not event, you don’t game, you just lie and attack people with different options then you, probably racist too, anything different is bad right?

          • Allen

            lol you are so full of shit you believe yourself.

            Xbox One S does not have 4K games, you are on fucking crack. Xbox one can’t even do 1080p native, you are talking about pure upscaling. Just look at you and your disinformation, you literally have no idea what you are talking about.

          • Madamsjr01

            PlayStation 4 Pro is using outdated technology.. Won’t be no competition for the Scorpio.. we both know that.

          • Allen

            More BS from the lying xbox crowd. So care to prove that? Because there’s a lot of proof that you are wrong.

            Gamestop built a PC with comparable specs and without an OS (add about $90) they were at $630.


            The Verge compared it to an Ultra PC


            PS4 Pro has several games in native 4K


            So tell me again how it’s outdated?

            Scorpio better be worth the money and the wait. Me, I don’t think so. My xbone is clunky as hell, I couldn’t imagine waiting a year, paying $600 & being stuck with a clunky POS. You are far better off just paying $600 for a superior PC with far more games, free online play & keyboard/mouse precision (also dual shock 4 works with PC out of the box).

            But hey, if Microsoft shows me Scorpio is worth it then I’ll pick one up….that’s a mighty big IF though.

          • Madamsjr01

            Scorpio isn’t just a half-assed upgrade (which the PS4 Pro kinda is…), but a full blown next-gen machine that’s just backwards-compatible to your current library. Screen shot this brother..

          • Allen

            lol, you are being lied to by efnet, he’s a dumb ass troll and has been banned from several other sites for his poor attempts to troll and his use of multiple accounts. He’s a dumb ass that I had to block because he literally followed me around the net like a lost dog, found my youtube account, my reddit account, created entire shrines of my comments, came up with facts he made up in his head about me and then tried to harass me and my lil bro on PSN while we were playing Battlefield 4.


  • efnet

    Ah well that sucks for the switch, got my two copies secured, xbox one / PC , can’t wait…..

    • Facts First

      gotta love that,

      • efnet

        Oh trust me, i do?

        • just_another_primate

          talking to yourself again I see

          • efnet

            Bye allen….it took literally less than 2 min to trace this name to you….im blocked remember? So stop harassing me …

  • Mr Xrat

    Shame, a portable copy alongside a PS4/PC version would be fantastic.

    It would sell more on the Switch than that VCR player as well.

    • HardWorkingFamilyMan

      Good one Mr XFat. Odds are you are fat and miserable. So keep crying out for attention on here because you have no one in your “real life” that wants to listen to you. Baw-bye

  • efnet

    Spoiled? Lol ok then….
    Yea little nevla banned me for nothing really , but damn son you speak about it like it’s something serious lol
    Oh and it’s a temp ban, not like your permanent ban? but still a ban nevertheless.

    • Doggystyle ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      Temp/perma??? It don’t matter. The moral of the story is you need to shut the F up and quit whining like a B.

      • efnet

        Lol you’re a sad fat old man bruh… i will continue to speak how i please, i cant help it if people are overly senetive to something as petty as me explain a pervious comment lol….and the fact that you feel like this is so serious like dude it’s a website where you read articles lol
        Nothing more nothing less..???
        You need to get your old fat butt out the house more ..
        Hey what’s with this real gamers crap???

      • Allen

        lol banned from Dualshockers! His pathetic attempts at trolling and use of multiple accounts, it would be good of AOTF banned him too. He’s toxic and I have blocked him because he’s just a know nothing wanna be troll.

        He can’t talk about gaming, he has to resort to personal attacks…so childish.

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