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Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster’s First Trailer Looks Great in 1080p

by Kyle Hanson


After the massive success of the Resident Evil: HD Remaster, Capcom is heading back to the origin of the franchise with Resident Evil Zero: HD Remaster. Taking the 2002 Gamecube original and remaking it in HD for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC. The game served as a prequel to the entire franchise, showing some behind the scenes events that led up to the event at Spencer Mansion.

Resident Evil Zero was only released on the Gamecube until now, meaning many RE fans never had a chance to check out the game. While it features a number of classic elements from the series, it also introduces a few of its own. Instead of having the player  choose a single character at the beginning of the game, RE0 allows them to switch between the two protagonists at will.

STARS Bravo Team is sent to investigate the same cannibalistic attacks that Chris and Jill were at the beginning of Resident Evil. On their way things go terribly wrong and Rebecca Chambers is caught up in an outbreak alongside escaped convict Billy Coen. Players will explore a train and a different mansion on their quest to uncover what exactly happened in the mountains around Raccoon City.

Resident Evil Zero will hit PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC some time in early 2016.

Resident Evil Zero: HD Remaster Trailer

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