Respawn: Xbox Exclusivity Is Limited To Titanfall

by AOTF Staff

Although it may have been hinted and rumored at in the past or confirmed via various sources, now we have word from Respawn Entertainment CEO himself, Vince Zampella, that the Microsoft exclusivity ends with Titanfall.

In an interview making the rounds via GameInformer, CEO Vince Zampella has stated the stance on Xbox exclusivity regarding Respawn Entertainment’s properties, particularly the Titanfall franchise.

When GameInformer asked that since Titanfall is a registered trademark of Respawn Entertainment, do they plan to make more, Vince was quick to reply: “Respawn Entertainment does want to make more Titanfall.” GameInformer went on to ask if there will be a multi-platform version of Titanfall in the future to which Zampella firmly replied: “I’ve already said future projects will not necessarily be exclusive.” A stern and convincing reply to say the least. However, GameInformer wasn’t quite done with the subject and asked if the Microsoft/EA exclusivity deal covers just the first Titanfall to which the Respawn CEO replied; “Just this one.”

There we have it, fans can expect more Titanfall and only the first entry is limited to PC/Xbox consoles. So, it is safe to say to not expect the first entry on PlayStation platforms anytime soon. It was also revealed that Respawn Entertainment has two studios working on separate projects.