Retailer Exclusives Revealed For Batman vs Superman Blu-ray

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Some retailers have now revealed some of the exclusive things they are offering for the Blu-ray release of Batman vs Superman.

The first exclusive comes from Target. Their Batman vs Superman exclusive comes with:”Lenticular Batman/Superman packaging and a 64 page book containing content from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: The Art of the Film“. They are selling it for $32.99 and they have put a release date of July 19th, 2016.

The other retailer is a UK listing from HMV. It appears the UK release date is different as HMV has listed that the Batman vs Superman Blu-ray won’t be out until August 1st, 2016. The UK always gets Blu-rays/DVDs later than in North America.

The only exclusive that HMV are offering over other retailers is that they are releasing the Blu-ray with two special steelbook covers. The steelbook covers are pictured above and you can get one with either Batman or Superman.

Both Blu-ray releases are for the Ultimate Edition which comes with the 3 hour extended cut of the film. The extended cut includes 30 minutes of extra footage not seen in cinemas. There will also be 2 hours worth of special features

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