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Riot’s Upcoming Shooter Valorant Getting Closed Beta in April

Kick the tires on Riot's first shooter soon.

by Brandon Adams


Riot Games, developers of the wildly massive League of Legends, announced today there will be a closed beta for their upcoming shooter, Valorant. Eager fans need only wait another week, but getting into the beta will require more than signing up on a portal.

The Valorant closed beta starts April 7th, and you’ll need to watch Twitch to get in.

Valorant’s closed beta will go live April 7th at 6am PST/2pm CET, and is only planned for PC. Additionally, the only regions that will be supported when beta opens are the United States, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and Europe. In the announcement Riot stated other regions are just not possible right now, but if the situation changes players can find out via their official Valorant channels (such as Twitter).

Getting into the beta is where things get interesting. Instead of simply signing up on the Valorant website, players need to link their Riot Games account to a Twitch account. Once that has been accomplished they then need to watch specific Valorant closed beta streams once it has gone live in their region, and these streams will be marked in Twitch (so, anyone advertising beta access on their channel right now is full of it).

It’s a bit different than people are used to, but I’d wager most players interested in Valorant already have a Riot and a Twitch account. They’ll just need to make sure the two are linked, then start watching some streams on the 7th if they hope to gain access. Riot did note invites will be based on server capacity, so don’t believe for a second that viewing these streams will net you access immediately.

The full list of details can be read over on Valorant’s website.

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