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Rise Of The Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft Is Excited About New Movie Casting

by Dean James


The Tomb Raider franchise has spawned a number of games over the years, as well as two feature films that starred Angelina Jolie in the lead role. With the most story driven reboot releasing back in 2013 and its follow-up Rise of the Tomb Raider, Hollywood is giving the series another try with a new Lara Croft and now the current actress for Lara in the games has weighed in on the recent casting.

Camilla Luddington took over the role of Lara Croft with the 2013 reboot and did a very good job in the role that got even better with last year’s Rise of the Tomb Raider. There were some that were hoping she would get the role in the movie with her impressive resume and the fact she has been known as the voice and look of Lara lately.

That did not happen, but another very talented actress just coming off an Oscar win got the role instead with Alicia Vikander. Luddington was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly and says she is quite excited to see how Vikander does in the role.

“I feel like with any Lara Croft, someone is always taking over that role. Of course I would’ve loved to do the live-action movie version of it, but she’s Alicia and she’s amazing. So I’m excited to see her interpretation too of the game.”

Luddington of course would have liked to take on the live-action role, but it’s good to see her excited about the film anyways.

Regardless, she says she is still feels “present” with the game series in what is bound to be the next game sequel, and says that “there will always be new Laras.”

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