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Rock Band 4 February Update Removes Mid-Song Freestyle Solo Toggling

by Kyle Hanson


Rock Band 4 has released its February Update patch notes, along with the update hitting PS4 and Xbox One some time today. Mixed into the usual round of bug and glitch fixes comes one feature removal that might upset some fans, but it seems like it was necessary to create a more stable experience all around.

Freestyle Solos were introduced in Rock Band 4, altering the way guitar solos are handled, and giving players a larger sense of freedom and control over the music. However, many players found these new solos disruptive, opting to turn them off and go back to the old way of handling them. This is still able to be done in Rock Band 4, but if you happen to forget to turn it off, you’ll no longer be able to toggle the option mid-song.

The Rock Band 4 February Update has disabled the mid-song Freestyle Solo toggling, which apparently was causing issues all around, as Harmonix says many of the other fixes in this patch are simply due to eliminating this option. Those include: Fixed crash that could occur on songs with both Freestyle Guitar Solos and Big Rock Endings. Fixed issue where drum streak would break on several songs with Freestyle Guitar Solos. Drum fills now exist during certain song sections when Freestyle Guitar Solos are turned on. Fixed tempo issues with certain on-disc songs after the first solo. Fixed issue where Freestyle Guitar Solos were not forced on during the Freestyle Guitar Solo tutorial. Fixed crash that would occur when switching to an authored solo from the Freestyle Guitar Solo on “Suffragette City”

Along with these fixes come a number of other alterations, like the Play a Show mode now posting to the leaderboard, and allowing players to send taunts from within the mode. Some scoring exploits were also fixed, so the online leaderboards might be a bit more accurate going forward, especially as they will be wiping it after this update. This update also added some new items to customize your character with, including the Psychonauts gear that Harmonix showed off last month.

Rock Band 4 is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.

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