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Rock Band 4 Is Bloody Expensive In Australia And NZ

by Damian Seeto


If you live in Australia and New Zealand, you will be paying a lot more money on Rock Band 4 bundles compared to those living in North America.

Kotaku Australia recently investigated the prices for Rock Band 4 bundles in Australia. The price differences compared to the USA are insane.

The US pricing is: $USD59.99 for the game, $USD129.99 for game and guitar and $USD249.99 for the game, guitar, drums and microphone. This seems kind of reasonable.

The Australian pricing is: $AUD99.95 for the game, $AUD249.99 for the game and guitar and $AUD499.95 for the game, guitar, drums and microphone. Australians are spending around double the price as Americans are. The currency conversion isn’t that high so essentially importing the game from USA is a cheaper option for Australians.

Since New Zealand is Australia’s neighbor, I had a look at Kiwi prices and they are insanely high as well from EB Games. The game itself is $NZD119.99, guitar and game is $NZD279.00, while the band bundle is a whopping $NZD529.00.

Rock Band 4 will be an expensive investment for new players living in Australia and New Zealand. The band bundle is nearly around the same price as an Xbox One and PS4 is.

Guitar Hero Live is looking like a more cheaper alternative. It does not feature drums and microphones, but the game and guitar bundle is less expensive.

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