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Rocket League Developers Say Power-Ups Not Coming to the Game

by William Schwartz


Rocket League for the PC and PlayStation 4 has been a runaway success for Psyonix. The physics-based ‘soccer with vehicles’ title has launched to praise from both critics and its players. While Rocket League is incredibly fun to play in its current state, some have been thinking about the possibilities that future updates may hold for the game. One of the big things that have been discussed by the fan base is the possibility of power-ups, but it doesn’t sound like that’s a priority for Psyonix, though they see ‘infinite ways to make the game better.’

We have a good formula and there are already infinite ways to make the game even better…

In the Rocket League Reddit, one of the developers was fielding questions about the game and here’s what was said. “There are not going to be power-ups added to the game. We’re not going to change balance, add stats, change physics, etc. We have a good formula and there are already infinite ways to make the game even better without changing core gameplay. That answer may have been based on the possibility of adding mutators that allow private matches to change things up for a single match just to mix things up but absolutely not for regular gameplay,” said Dave Hagewood of Psyonix.

The quote definitely holds some possibility as it’s not ruling out things that alter the gameplay, at least for private matches. Rocket League launched on July 7th and it hasn’t been the smoothest of experiences. Possibly not realizing that the game would catch on with so many players, network issues have been a thing that the developers have been ironing out since launch. They haven’t seemed to deter players though.

Rocket League is currently free as part of July’s PlayStation Plus line-up for PS4, and is also available on Steam for $19.99.

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