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Rocket League Halloween Event Announced

by Matthew Jaques


Rocket League is all-set for Halloween, with a new event called Haunted Hallows.

The event will see the introduction of a limited-time currency called Candy Corn, which will be earned by completing online matches and used to buy event-related crates and items.

The new event system allows you to earn Candy Corn, that can then be used to purchase Halloween-themed Items, Decryptors (see below), and locked “Haunted Hallows” crates.

Decryptors are a new way to unlock crates in Rocket League, and you obtain them buy purchasing them with Candy Corn. Once you have a Decryptor, you can use it to unlock the new Haunted Hallows crates, or even standard crates. 

Any Crate Item unlocked through a Decryptor however, will be untradeable. 

The limited run “Haunted Hallows” crates can be obtained by playing online, and unlocked by both Decryptors and Keys. Separately, they can be purchased directly and unlocked without a Key or Decryptor.

The Haunted Hallows event will start on Monday October 16th and run until Monday November 6th.

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