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Rocket League Hits PS4 and PC on July 7th with Cross-Platform Multiplayer

by Kyle Hanson


Rocket League from Psyonix looks to combine the best of sports gaming and vehicular combat. Specifically, it seems to be mixing together Soccer/Football with cars, to create something wholly new and different in the video game arena. Today the developer has released a new trailer, along with release date information. Rocket League will hit PS4 and PC on July 7th. In a great twist players will be able to play against each other cross-platforms, so there isn’t going to be a split community for this game.

Rocket League explodes onto PlayStation 4!

Rocket League will feature four-player splitscreen gameplay, along with eight player online support. There is a heavy emphasis on car customization, with “more than 10 billion possible combinations” being possible in the game. As an added treat, those who purchase the game on PS4 will receive a special Sweet Tooth style vehicle from Twisted Metal .

One concern that players have brought up at the news of cross-platform play is that those on one platform might be more advantaged over others, such as PC players who use a mouse and keyboard for control. Also, if the game allows mod support that could become an issue in the otherwise controlled environment of PSN. It will be interesting to see what measures Psyonix has put in place for this when Rocket League launches on July 7th.

Rocket League Trailer

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