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Rocket League and Hot Wheels Combine for Most Obvious DLC of All Time

by Kyle Hanson


As soon as Rocket League became a smash hit, we all knew this day was coming. It just made too much damned sense. Rocket League and Hot Wheels are giving up the pretense and just accepting the fact that they are essentially married to each other with a brand new set of DLC cars based on the popular toys.

“Launching on February 21, the update will feature two DLC cars, the Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker, both best-sellers of the Hot Wheels toy lineup. Each DLC car will be sold separately for USD $1.99 (or regional equivalent) and come with six Decals and an exclusive set of Wheels. The update will also add FREE Hot Wheels content for all players including a “Hot Wheels” Antenna and Topper, “Treasure Hunt” Flag, and “Shark Bite™” Topper.”

Rocket League, now that I think about it, is pretty much the best video game adaptation for Hot Wheels. I mean, how many kids take their cars and just have them soaring through the air? Sure, they might have never thought to add a soccer ball to the mix, but the few who did surely had an amazing time.

Joking aside, this looks like a great new set of DLC cars for Rocket League. The game has one of the best DLC systems around, making cosmetic items available for purchase, while make everything else free. Maps and other items are added regularly, with the additional crate system being added later on that just adds extra cosmetic goodies.

Personally, while I play Rocket League all the time, I’ve had trouble straying away from the Dominus that I purchased in the very first set of DLC. Many others appear to be like me, as it is a very popular car, but other players are definitely moving to newer cars more often. What about you? What car are you playing with these days?

Rocket League® – Hot Wheels Trailer

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