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Rocket League Quitters Will Get a 15 Minute Matchmaking Ban with Next Update

| July 28, 2015

Rocket League Quitters Will Get a 15 Minute Matchmaking Ban with Next Update News  Rocket League

One of the few things that has put a bit of a damper on the Rocket League fun is all of the quitters in the ranked matchmaking playlist. In unranked, players can quit out and an AI controlled car will immediately take their place while a human replacement is found, but in ranked this doesn’t happen.

Players who have a teammate quit a ranked match are left by themselves to defeat the now almost insurmountable team. This problem happens so often because there is currently no detriment to quitting, with the quitter having no change in rank, and no other punishment whatsoever, but that is about to change.

With Rocket League’s first major update coming this week developer Psyonix is looking to curtail this behavior with a couple of modifications, as described in an interview between IGN and Psyonix’s Thomas Silloway and Jeremy Dunham. The first is that anyone who quits out of a matchmaking game will receive a 15 minute ban, not allowing them to join another match during that window.

“We’re keenly aware of this (meaning the quitting issue). As you know, we play the game a lot ourselves, and this issue has affected us quite a bit too. We’re not very happy about it, so we’re looking into taking measure for it.”

“The most immediate measure we’re taking is, anyone that leaves a game will be banned for 15 minutes from matchmaking. And we’re also planning in the future to add things like the ability for a team in ranked to be able to forfeit. So, if they are getting destroyed, and they all want to leave, they won’t be penalized.”

The team is also committed to continuing to improve the game, without impacting what players love. This includes keeping maps simple, while still keeping the option of different landscapes on the table. Click here to listen to the entire interview.

Rocket League is available now on PS4 and PC.

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  • AnoNymou5

    If cod was like this a lot of players would be pissed off lol ?

    • 111AlaN111

      The problem I see with this is that 15 minutes is a big time for banning someone. Maybe some quit because they got lag, or because they got into a group of people who aren’t taking the game seriously, or maybe they unexpectedly had something to do at the moment. If they want to put the time so big, then they need to make the system more like: “Leave 2-3 consecutive times and you’ll be penalized with 15 minutes”. Or make the banning immediate for anyone who leaves but get the banning time to 5 minutes.

      Also, COD penalizes quitters but it’s so rare. You need to quit like 3 or 5 consecutive times in order to be banned.

      • John

        I’m sorry but 15 minute ban for taking a piss and coming back is bs…… can’t even play regular matches that arent’ ranked is bullshit. worst update imo

  • Xero

    This patch is bullshit. I was put in a match with an afk and now I’m getting penalized for not wanting to play 2v1? Fuck this game, add and inactive player ban.

  • Tyler Adams

    The only issue I have with the ban update is that I got banned for 15 minutes because the game session timed out. I didn’t quit, the game quit. I love the ban update for quitters. But the game servers need to be more stable. A little frustrated that I was banned for something I didn’t do.

  • Rocket league

    fucking update, you quit a class gamme you are temp banned of class match and also NORMAL match. It’s stupid, normaly you would be just ban of class match…

  • QuayXans

    It’s stupid because first off 15 minutes is a long ass time for that . You need to also take in mind if somebody has to go away from the keyboard for a minute or two because their parents called them or something. Of course if they are gone for any longer than like 4 minutes they should be kicked but being kicked for being idle for a minute in a ranked match isn’t assisting your teammate either . Plus rocket league does lag and freeze sometimes . I’m not going to sit there and look at a frozen or laggy screen because then I’m not even enjoying the match .

  • Kevin Goodspeed

    Yea, bad update. I got banned for 15 min. because the match was 5-0 with a minute left and I had some work to do. The match was over so I said “meh, whatever – on to the next one”. Bad update. Turned me off of the game for the day.

  • Ikki

    Now they just need to allow us to kick and report griefers.

  • Lavablue

    i just won a ranked 1v1 and then i started searching for another match, the problem is, I was put back onto the main screen and it gave me a 15 minute ban. Is there a way other than quitting to get the bad because I didn’t quit the match… halp ;-;

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