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Rockstar banning GTA V players for participating in modded lobbies

by William Schwartz


It appears that Rockstar Games is bringing the ban hammer down on GTA Online players who participate and host modded lobbies in GTA V. Console bans and temporary bans are being reported across numerous sources, indicating that a widespread sweep for cheating is underway in Los Santos.

Users of the popular forum, The Tech Game, are reporting that even those who are posting messages including their gamer tags are being flagged by Microsoft at this point, and getting a two-week ban for attempting to join the modded lobbies, or as the reports are putting it, “guilty by association”.

Users who are recieving bans, are getting them for the following reasons: “Inappropriate Gameplay, Cheating, and/or system abuse”, but it appears that they don’t actually have to be doing anything wrong.

YouTuber Nought Point Four LIVE claims that those hosting the GTA Online modded lobbies are being watched by Rockstar and the Xbox Live Enforcement team. When users contact them via Xbox Live, their accounts are being reveiewed, and if there is any evidence of previous cheating, these users are being banned temporarily.

The more serious violators, the modders themselves, are being hit with console bans on their system. Console bans remove the ability for a console to connect to Xbox Live at all.

With modded Cash Lobbies, the saga of cheating in GTA Online continues.  Since launch last year, GTA Online has been a cheaters paradise, with players exploiting an ever-growing list of ways to earn illicit virtual cash.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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