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Roller Champions Officially Revealed, Pre-Alpha Demo Available Today

Get ready for 3v3 roller derby competitions.

by Alex Levine


After being part of the E3 leak mania last week, Roller Champions has been officially announced by Ubisoft. The company has taken some notes from Rocket League as players will team up in pairs of 3 and take on another team in a competitive roller derby where they will have to complete challenges to earn points and win the match.

While not a lot of information was given during the reveal, we did get to see a brief teaser which shows the colorful art style of the game, as well as what we can expect when it eventually comes out. However, they did drop a surprise for everyone, starting right now, you can go and play the Pre-Alpha Demo in the Uplay Launcher on PC. The demo will be available until June 14 ,so if you want to try out a just revealed E3 title long before we ever see it, this is easily the best chance.

No release date was announced, but since it is a brand new IP, it’s safe to say that we’re not going to see this one come out for a long time. Still, it’s nice to have the demo for the time being, which was very generous of them. Roller Champions will launch for at least PC, as no other platforms were announced. You can check out the reveal trailer here:

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