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Rumor: Crackdown 3 Development Has Been Rough, But “Coming Along Fine”

by Dean James


Game development is far from an easy job and certain games go through more tenuous development periods than others. We recently saw the deep into development Scalebound just get cancelled, which had left some people concerned about another of Microsoft’s exclusives for 2017 in Crackdown 3. However, one industry insider says that Crackdown 3 is “coming along fine.”

Crackdown 3 was first announced back during Microsoft’s E3 conference in 2014, though it didn’t get the Crackdown 3 title until a little later. The power of the cloud was said to make real time destruction in the game really amazing, and the game was even supposed to release in 2016 before being delayed.

There have been many periods where Xbox has gone radio silent about Crackdown 3, which could seem like a bad sign, but it sounds like the game is still on track. Industry insider shinobi602 is one of the most well connected people in the industry it seems, with him being the first to tease Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s being set in the future with space combat.

Following the cancellation announcement of Scalebound and questions about the status of Crackdown 3, even though Microsoft was touting it as a 2017 release still, shinobi602 talked to his sources and tweeted the following:

“Also asked around a bit and Crackdown 3 is safe, coming along fine.

Development was rough but all game development is to be fair.”

As with anything shinobi602 posts, it must be taken with a grain of salt as it is still a rumor and far from confirmed by Microsoft in any capacity. However, his track record really speaks for itself, so there is a very good chance that he is pretty spot on.

Crackdown 3 is definitely one of Microsoft’s big hitters left in 2017 now, so the game should get a lot of focus at E3 this coming June if they plan on having the game ready for release this year as scheduled.

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