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Rumor: Final Fantasy XV Mobile Game/Companion App Could Be In Development

by Dean James


Final Fantasy XV is finally set to release sometime in 2016, with the much awaited release date announcement coming late next month. While the game is PS4 and Xbox One, it also sounds like we may be getting some sort of mobile version or companion app coming as well.

Changyou is the “leading online game developer and operator in China” according to their official website, who has worked on games for both PC and mobile over the last few years. This seemingly wouldn’t have had anything to do with Final Fantasy XV, but one of the workers at Changyou has something very interesting in their online resume.

As found by a member on NeoGAF, an artist that works for Changyou has his resume up on the popular networking site LinkedIn. Within that resume was something very interesting that said:

*Project – Final Fantasy 15 Mobile / Style – Concept art – TEST ( Work – Background specialis / 2015.04~05 )

This is a very interesting listing, as it appears he was at least doing some sort of work with Final Fantasy XV on the mobile front in the past, but it could have simply been a test for something that never came to fruition based on the “TEST” part. However, it seems to show that Square Enix at the very least was looking into the idea.

While it could be an actual game, this would more than likely be a companion app of some sort instead, which could even be mixed somehow with the Final Fantasy Portal App that they have been already pushing.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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