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Rumor: New Final Fantasy XV Character Names And Voice Actors Revealed

by Damian Seeto


Some new information may have revealed the names of two characters in Final Fantasy XV plus the voice actors that will play them.

The two new voice actors/characters for Final Fantasy XV were revealed via the game’s IMDB listing. It shows that Alexa Kahn will be playing a character named Crowe. Veteran voice actor, D.C Douglas is set to play a character going by the name of Weskham Armaugh.

We know IMDB can be user-edited so this is why this news is being reported as a rumor. However, there is some validity to the listing mainly because D.C Douglas’ official website shows that he has been working on Final Fantasy XV.

Fans may recognize Douglas as the voice of Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil Series. Square Enix may be paying homage to Wesker if the character name of Weskham Armaugh turns out to be true. We may see more of the character later this month during the special event being held on March 30th.

As for Alexa Kahn, she’s only played in minor roles in several video games including Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Guitar Hero Live and Tom Clancy’s The Division just to name a few. Going by her history, Crowe might also just be a minor character.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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