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Rumor: PlayStation 4.5 To Be Announced Prior To PlayStation VR Launch

by Mike Guarino


Rumors continue to swirl regarding the existence of a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4 that has been unofficially dubbed the PlayStation 4.5, and now another source has been revealed that gives more weight to the rumors.

The latest report comes from The Wallstreet Journal, where it reveals that the machine will run “higher-end” gaming experiences and will be announced prior to the launch of PlayStation VR.

Despite the new tidbits of information, an official price point or even a solid release window was not given in the latest report. However, considering what we’re seeing here lines up with the previous reports definitely makes it seem like this is all legitimate.

One good thing to note that the reports claims is that both versions of the PlayStation 4 will “likely” share the same games catalog, with the newer model just providing a more powerful experience. We shouldn’t be seeing any “exclusive to PlayStation 4.5” situations, hopefully.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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