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Rumor: Professor Layton To Be Added To Super Smash Bros. Roster

| August 24, 2015

Rumor: Professor Layton To Be Added To Super Smash Bros. Roster News Rumors  Super Smash Bros.

Professor Layton might very well be the next character that will be added to the roster of Super Smash Bros.

A fan saw on the IMDB page for Christopher Robin Miller (Professor Layton’s voice actor) that he will be in Super Smash Bros.

The same fan went to tell this news to Miller over on Twitter. Miller replied with: “I guess I AM in that! That’s what those extra pages were in the session.”

This means Miller recorded some new lines for Professor Layton, although nobody told him exactly which game the dialog was for. It’s possible it could be for Super Smash Bros., but they haven’t told him about it yet.

In an updated tweet, Miller said he doesn’t know if he will be in the game. He said: “I actually have no idea if I am going to be in Smash Brothers. Nintendo will know before I do. I hope it’s true“.

Hopefully Nintendo is considering about adding the character to the game. It’s possible they didn’t tell Miller himself to avoid any leaks being reported before an official announcement is made.

Super Smash Bros. is one of the most popular Wii U games ever made and millions of people still play it. Adding Professor Layton to the game will only make things even more enjoyable for Nintendo fans.

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  • Sasori

    That better not be god dam true, I know for a fact that there is no way Prof. Layton is Smash material just like Shulk was (Until Smash made him a great character and I’m over the fact he made the cut cause he’s good). If anyone deserves to be in the ring it’s someone that looks like a fighter not Layton! What about Mother Brain?

    • Metaknight Kirby

      You have never played a single Layton game, am I right?

  • Kokichi Ouma –ZERO–

    Phoenix Wright says “OBJECTION!!!” to this article

    • Sasori

      Objection??? What do u agree with what I said?

  • Ben Jenkins

    So many people will be happy if he joins the roster. Me included. I hope he is added :)

  • Danielle Kitchener

    I would like Layton to be in the game!! A nice send off after his last title game. He normally wouldn’t fight due to being known as a gentleman but in Layton 2, 5, 6, crossover and the movie, he is shown to have sword skills when he has a reason to fight (mostly in defence or stopping the bad guy). And his final smash move could be his epic point finger or his coin gun machine…. or even driving the Laytonmobile on the stage running down the other fighters XD

    Appearances should never be judged. There are ones who would never be considered a fighter until now such as villager (From animal crossing which is definitely not a fighting game) and the DuckHunt duo.

    It’s best to wait in time until Nintendo does officially announce if its true. I won’t mind either way.
    (Team Layton 4ever X3 )

    • Sasori

      AAGGHH!!! It’s just like everyone wanting Shulk in This amazing game! Only difference is I cannot see a move set for Layton what so ever!! Couldn’t someone more deserving get in the game like I don’t know… Petey Piranha??? Anyone?

      • 111AlaN111

        I couldn’t imagine moves for Wii Fit Trainer or Duck Hunt and other characters.

        • Sasori

          Maybe it’s because they we’re the last people we’d expect to see. One little rumor and everyone wants Prof. Layton I doubt that this’ll work. Who do u think will make it?… OTHER THAN LAYTON!

          • kuroneko go

            Layton is a fencer so i could see a decent moveset with that. better than K.rool or shrek at least. (would prefer shantae tho)

          • Sasori

            Shrek I can understand, what I don’t get is why The kritter king is so rejected. And to be honest, I don’t know Shantee at all can u explain?

      • Danielle Kitchener

        I’m sorry but I would have to disagree with Petey Piranha as that character had been a boss (There’s already too many Mario characters now) and the layton series does deserve at least one place in this game after being a best selling puzzle game for Nintendo. Layton’s set moves I can see already in my mind.

        If I had to see another fighter, I would say Midna from Zelda Twilight Princess.

        • Sasori

          Midna an assist trophy. Never gonna work we can’t have an assist trophy in one game turned into a fighter… but I do see where you’re going with this. Can’t be her nor Ghirahim, aww… Zant has no record of being in there what so ever we should give him a try.

          • Mark Bolton

            Layton has a lot of potential for a moveset, taunts and FS if you look at the games The slot machine gun, all of his puzzles, his fencing skills, his trunk, the Laytonmobile, just to name a few. And there has been no representative for the Layton series in Smash to date. It’s a nice change.

          • Sasori

            A, why would I be into puzzle games like his and B if he did make the cut he would be a waste of breath and a real bore to master. I just think someone with more personality should make it, even if they’re as crazy as Zant.(Plz be him the twilight king would be way better)

          • Danielle Kitchener

            The games are really good if you love a story plot, art, music, many unique characters, mini games and actually know how to solve a puzzle.
            Why would he be a bore? Because of being a British gentleman? Being able to fence? The accent? Imagine if Kirby used his skill of gaining the others ability… It would be Kirby with a top hat!!! X3

            Maybe try and play the layton games to understand more of layton.

          • Danielle Kitchener

            A good taunt would be to drink a cup of tea whilst holding the brim of his hat :) and maybe saying how his fighter is incorrect.

          • Sasori

            No no and No, I’m saying the way his stories even though I am not familiar with is something I would have no interest in, that last comment you said might work for a victory quote not a taunt…
            P.S, another rumor has it that Shovel Knight is going to be the next DLC character, I’d be happy as long as they include necromancer’s theme.

          • Danielle Kitchener

            Nah his victory quote would be “a true gentleman always tries to aim for victory” or “Every battle has a solution”.
            What are you interested in??

            Shovel Knight?? A game only brought out last year and looks like those guards from Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass? Might be a good choice but layton deserves more than shovel knight. Sorry.

          • Sasori

            Don’t look at me just give me alot of action or maybe blood and I’m good, and I just realized that I got shovel Knight mixed up with the ones from castle crashers LOL me! It’s not my fault he’s the second most wanted character I didn’t even want him in the game. But who would they want more than him anyways Shantee XD?

          • Danielle Kitchener

            I would say no to blood. After all it is Nintendo.
            Lol XD

          • Sasori

            … OOOHHHH FINE I suppose I’ll give him one chance better be good like Shulk. If not… TOLD YOU SO!!! I guess the action is good enough for me though… PLZ B ZANT PLZ!!!

  • gurdurrlv34

    As much as I adore the Professor Layton games, and the prof himself, putting him in Smash is a bad idea. He always says things like, “A gentleman never raises his hand in vain.” Plus, he only ever fights when he is absolutely forced to, and Smash looks pretty voluntary to me. No one joins the Smash roster because they absolutely have to fight to protect their life. They do it for the glory of being called the best Nintendo (or Capcom, Sega, Namco) character around. Layton just doesn’t fit.

    • Sasori

      Thank u that’s what I said, we can’t fit him in Smash it won’t work. It’s why other characters (EXECPT PETEY Piranha) WOULD fit better than Layton.