Rumor: PS Vita Might Be Discontinued In North America Very Soon

by Damian Seeto

It appears the PS Vita is on life support these days and a new report suggests Sony is about to put the final nail in its coffin. We might be seeing the death of the portable console very soon.

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As reported by WholeSomeGamer, they noticed there has been a shortage of PS Vita consoles being stocked at major physical retailers such as Best Buy and Gamestop.

The website then talked to a Best Buy sales representative to get at the bottom of the situation. According to the sales rep, a company newsletter informed her that Best Buy is no longer restocking the PS Vita console and it’s being discontinued.

We can take this news as a rumor for now as this is just coming from the mouth of one sales rep. However, it shouldn’t be called out as entirely fake as many retailers from The Netherlands have been saying something similar too.

With rumors of Sony going to release the PS4.5 console in the near future, it’s possible they will discontinue the PS Vita sooner rather than later. That way, they can concentrate all of their efforts on the new machine, and also retailers will have enough space to stock the console if it replaces PS Vita stands.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2022