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Rumor: PS4 Update 4.0 Beta Test Being Held In Late August

by Damian Seeto


A few weeks ago, Sony invited gamers to sign up to test out the beta for PS4 update 4.0. It appears these beta tests will be happening at the end of the month.

Well known industry insider, Tidux, tweeted out: “Finally got some info, not sure how accurate yet but #PS4 FW 4.0 beta test will start somewhere around 24/8 – 31/8“. Tidux is usually correct when it comes to PS4 update release date news.

To support his claim, Tidux said the same source told him about the PlayStation Meeting happening on September 7th. His source sounds legit since that September event ended up being true.

Sony previously said the beta tests will occur in “early August”. Well it’s near the middle of August so it sounds like they had to delay it until the end of the month instead.

Only a few people will be selected to test out the new update. People will be chosen at random if they signed up for the beta test in late July. You should check your emails to see if you are one of the people that are lucky enough to get the update before anyone else. Sony will reveal full patch notes/features at a later date.

Update: Beta for the update is supposed to be rolling out as early as August 16th.

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