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Rumor: Reasons Why We Don’t Hear Much About Half Life 3

by Damian Seeto


Update: Valve’s Marc Laidshaw has now commented on the rumor on Reddit. He feels the “source” might be trolling. He also said the story cannot be complete without the game itself. Valve doesn’t work like that. They make the game and the story together so that they know what ways are good to make use of the gameplay features.

YouTube Channel, The Know, has some information that might be bad news for gamers wanting to see Half Life 3 come out.

The Know is a big YouTube channel made up of former members from Machinima. They have a source from Valve that is reportedly leaking information to them. Before you don’t think they are a reliable source, they leaked a few weeks ago that Rise of the Tomb Raider will be out in late 2016 on PS4. They were correct on that story.

According to their source at Valve, The Know speculates that Half Life 3 may never come out. This due to many factors that are making Valve too paranoid to ever releasing the game.

They said the game is somewhat in development, but only by a crew of 10 people. The script, story and game events have been completed. However, Valve management are not interested in releasing the game at all. One reason is because the company already makes a lot of money via Steam.

The other reason is that Valve is afraid of the internet backlash they might receive if Half Life 3 doesn’t end up becoming a good game. It’s being said they are not willing to take such a big risk. They noted the poor reception that Mass Effect 3 garnered from its ending had been a factor to this decision.

They feel the negative backlash will impact them heavily. They feel if Half Life 3 doesn’t live up to expectations, fans might not support the company anymore. The risk is too great to go ahead with it.

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