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Rumor: Watch Dogs 2 Protagonist Leaked


We’ve been hearing rumors of a Watch Dogs 2 being on the verge of an announcement for months now, but this new image may be our first glimpse of what is to come. An image has appeared on an Instagram page belonging to a motion caption actor, which is said to be for Watch Dogs 2.

The account has since been set to private, though not before the internet was able to nab screen grabs of the character in question. He definitely has a more hipster look than Watch Dog’s Aiden Pearce, though the baseball cap and bandanna covering his mouth definitely put him in the same league. Check out the image by clicking right here.

The caption that accompanied the image says the following: “had a blast doing motion capture work as the lead character in a new video game series.” One of the hashtags that follow the caption lists Watch Dogs 2, so this is pretty concrete info that something is happening soon.

The official reveal of Watch Dogs 2 will more than likely happen around E3 2016, with reports claiming that the game will be out before this time next year.

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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