Rumor: Yoda Might Be Coming To Star Wars Battlefront Via DLC

by Damian Seeto

It sounds like Yoda might be coming to Star Wars Battlefront via DLC judging by an IMDB listing.

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The IMDB listing for Star Wars Battlefront has been updated and Tom Kane has two characters listed beside him now. He voices Admiral Ackbar and also Yoda has been added too.

We know Admiral Ackbar is in the game already as he gives advice to the player during the Missions. Yoda on the other hand is not in the game yet. This listing might be a sign that he’s coming to the game in the future via DLC.

Bear in mind, IMDB pages can be edited and sometimes the information is not true. However, it’s not outlandish for Yoda to be added in Battlefront. He was already a hero in Battlefront 2 as players could use him with his green lightsaber.

It’s also worth mentioning Yoda is one of the more popular characters in the Star Wars universe. There are only six playable famous characters in the game so far, so there’s room for more to come.

Hopefully other popular characters are coming to Star Wars Battlefront as well. Chewbacca should be added and maybe Obi Wan Kenobi too.

- This article was updated on March 9th, 2018