Attack of the Fanboy

Rumors PSN User Credit Card Info up for grabs..for a price.

by William Schwartz


Today more rumors have been circulating that PSN customer credit card information has been put up for sale on the black market. A rumored 2.2 million credit card numbers that were stolen from the PlayStation Network’s user data-base are rumored to be obtainable at a price.

The database is said to include full user details for each card – first and last name; address; phone number; email address; email password; date of birth; and credit card number, expiry date and security code.

Despite these reports, Sony denies that there is any proof that credit card information was even accessible during the brief breach in security. There are surely more details to follow.

It is alleged that some of the details that are rumored to be in the data base that is for sale, aren’t even recorded by Sony. So this could ultimately just end up filed in the rumors category for good.

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