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Saints Row 4 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

by William Schwartz


Saints Row 4 is a great game that is good for hours of fun, but don’t just take my word for it; check out Attack of the Fanboy’s Saints Row 4 Review. Here are some tips, tricks and cheats to make it all the more enjoyable or just to make the game easier.

Unlimited Sprint

The Sprint superpower is by far one of the most useful and fun powers in the game, and you’ll want to make the most of it as soon as possible. The easiest way to unlock Unlimited Sprint is to enter the cheat code ‘runfast‘ in the Extras menu. For those of you that want to earn it though, it’s still fairly simple to acquire. All you have to do is complete Keith David’s side missions, which you can attempt very early on in the game.

Notoriety Cheat

Late into the game, a Notoriety clearing option can be unlocked and used through the phone, but there are quick and easy workarounds earlier on. Firstly, the cheat code ‘goodygoody‘ will instantly wipe out your notoriety, but if you find yourself in deep with the pesky Zin then activating a Virus Injection is a quick-fix to the problem. Not only will it (usually) lower your notoriety to 1 bar, but after completing the Virus Injection activity you should be completely free of aliens or police.

Money and Guns

The cheat code ‘cheese‘ can be used for a 100,000 free cache, Saints Row IV’s currency. In all honesty, especially towards the end of the game, you probably won’t need to use this. Cache is fairly easy to come by when doing non-vital activities in Steelport. The best way to maximize your playtime is to complete Side Missions for the Homies on your ship.

The activities they have you complete can be done at any time, and if you happen to complete one before a Homie assigns you to it, then that activity will be stricken off the mission. Concentrating on the ones in the Side Missions will reap you large rewards, including weapons, outfits and all-important cache. Again, if you wanted to take a shortcut then ‘letsrock‘, entered in the Cheats menu will grant you access to all of Saints Row 4’s weapons.

Gold Medals

In order to get 100% game completion, or just to get some of the sweet rewards from the game’s many Challenges, you will need to get a Gold Medal in the Activities with a Bronze, Silver, Gold ranking. Here are some tips on how to get the Golds:

  • Blazin: Probably the easiest, just don’t run into the Firewalls and you should get Gold completion without much trouble. Upgrading your Sprint and Jump powers is always helpful.
  • Mayhem: For on-foot versions such as TK Mayhem, the best plan of action is to stay in the same place and destroy police vehicles. For vehicle versions, quickly move between high-value targets, destroying each and moving on.
  • Fraud: Find a long road, throw yourself into a vehicle and bounce along the oncoming lane into the many cars heading your way. If you reach the end of the road; turn around and change lanes.
  • Fight Club: Use Telekinesis or sprint takedowns to quickly dispatch standard enemies, use Blast and fists on the bosses.

That concludes my Saints Row 4 Tips, Tricks and Cheats guide. I’ve almost achieved 100% and 1000G so if you want more help or advice then leave a comment below and I’ll either reply or make a new article for Achievements etc.

- This article was updated on:September 8th, 2013

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