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SEGA Has Plans For Sonic’s 25th Anniversary In 2016

by Dean James


Sonic the Hedgehog was on top of the gaming world alongside other icons like Mario back in the early ’90s, but the blue blur has hit some hard times in more recent years. This doesn’t mean that Sonic is down and out though, as SEGA certainly plans on celebrating a major milestone for the series in 2016.

Sonic the Hedgehog first debuted in June 1991 with a near simultaneous worldwide release for the Sega Genesis. The series thrived on the Genesis, but struggled to transition to the 3D world, even though the two Sonic Adventures were quite enjoyable.

Sonic 06 was previously thought to be as low as the series could get, but coming off of the absolutely fantastic Colors and Generations, a new low bar was set with the two Sonic Boom games for Wii U and 3DS last Fall.

Another Sonic Boom game is coming to 3DS later this year, but otherwise we know nothing about the future of the series. Luckily, we have now gotten a little tease courtesy of the new PR and Social Media Manager for Sonic, Aaron Webber.

During an interview with SEGAbits on YouTube, Webber was asked about the 25th anniversary of the series next year, he said “there’s definitely stuff in the works for the 25th anniversary,” but he didn’t give any other details besides that more would be revealed in early 2016.

Hopefully this means they have another true Sonic game in the works like Generations was for the 20th anniversary, rather than more terrible spinoff games. If you want to see the full interview with Webber where he discusses everything Sonic, you can check it out below.

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