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Sega Is Not Ruling Out Alien Isolation 2 Yet

| October 9, 2015

Sega Is Not Ruling Out Alien Isolation 2 Yet News  Sega Alien: Isolation

Even though Alien Isolation did not sell as many copies as Sega was hoping it would, they have not ruled out a sequel to the game completely.

COO of Sega Europe, Jurgen Post, was interviewed by He said the genre may have had affect on the sales for the first game because it doesn’t have that big of an audience.

Post was then asked about the possibility of Alien Isolation 2 being made. He said a sequel is “not out of the question“. Despite the less than expected sales, Sega is actually proud with the way the game turned out. He also said there is more to be explored.

However, the budget of the game is a big concern. He said Sega might not want to spend so much money and “getting close to break-even or just about in the black“. In other words, Sega has to know if the game will be profitable before committing to a sequel.

The first Alien Isolation had high production values and was a lengthy game lasting well over 20 hours or so. If a sequel is made, fans won’t want to see a low budget version, yet Sega is scared about pouring so much money into a game that might not be profitable.

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  • Whisper

    Personally I loved alien isolation I thought it was a great game. I hope that SEGA will make an alien isolation 2 as it left a possible cliffhanger for a sequel when Amanda was floating in space.

    • NihonNoir

      You moron, use spoiler tags.

      • xDeathangel78x

        This article is about Alien Isolation 2. If you’re here, then you obviously played the first game because you want a second. Spoiler tags are not required.

        • NihonNoir

          Exactly, this article is about an entirely different game, so spolier tags need to be included, especially on the first fucken comment. Notice the article itself included no spoilers – there’s a reason for that, genius.

          And yes, PLAYING the first game means one wants a sequel, not necessarily COMPLETING it. FO.

          • Billiebob

            why wouldn’t you complete it? Its a great game… Id totally buy the 2nd if its made

          • Charizarzar

            Don’t read an article about the sequel of a game if you haven’t even completed the first one.

          • MegaSolipsist

            I’m half-way through the game now and I came here because I’m hoping for a sequel. When someone gets into a game, they start looking up other things about it. While it’s reasonable to assume that most people here would have finished the game already, it isn’t reasonable to assume that everyone has, so it’s still a dick move to not use a spoiler tag.

          • Charizarzar

            Sorry but this article is for people who’ve either completed it, or for those who don’t care about spoilers. It’s pretty much a given that a discussion about a sequel would talk about what we saw in the last part of the previous story.

          • MegaSolipsist

            Except that, given that the article in question gives away no spoilers at all and doesn’t talk about the ending, you are clearly wrong in this regard.

          • Charizarzar

            Not clearly wrong… I’m not gonna go back and forth on this issue since I can at least understand the frustration of seeing a spoiler. But I still find it bewildering that some people are annoyed about seeing one on an article about a sequel. The article is very short, but the title is clearly referring to a sequel and you both should’ve expected to see some kind of discussion about what happened at the end, since that’s a pretty important part about the decision to continue the story. But at least it’ll make you more wary in the future when reading these kinds of things.

          • MegaSolipsist

            Yep. Quite clearly wrong. Also, it’s been almost two weeks since my previous comment. If you don’t want to go back and forth on this, why respond at all?

          • Charizarzar

            I don’t check my gmail constantly, but you don’t have to reply if a late response bothers you. At the end of the day we all enjoy the game, just clearly have different opinions about where to expect spoilers, and I’m obviously not the only one who thinks that. If spoilers do bother you as they do with me sometimes, just be more careful when researching sequels.

      • Rob

        I hate people like this that live their lives on comments sections and forums and get salty when someone doesn’t follow a rule. Tsk-tsk.

        • Mario Felipe Ferreira


  • TJ Hammons

    Please make a sequel! This was legitimately the scariest game I have ever played, I am extremely invested in the Alien series, and Isolation honestly felt like a canon entry in the film series itself, and I would love to see where SEGA/Creative Assembly take the story after the cliffhanger ending. Amanda Ripley is absolutely deserving of a proper sequel, not another Colonial Marines cheap ripoff, and considering the buzz Alien:Isolation got after the fairly excellent review, I feel SEGA shouldn’t be worried about making profits.

    • Whisper

      We can only hope that they do consider making a sequel, it truly does deserve a sequel. It’s to bad that they didn’t get the sales they wanted. I wonder if there could ever be a predator version, that would be interesting.

  • Alien Iso

    Alien Isolation was by far the best game of 2015!!! I’d be devastated for a game so focused on the actual Alien story to end before being finished and Alien Isolation(1) didn’t finish it.!!!

    “Spoiler Alert”
    Ellen Ripely is drifting in space for 57 years after escaping the Nostromo and awakes from hyper sleep asking questions about her daughter Amanda Ripely… We get very little information apart from a photograph depicting her old age and the company stating she died, but who’s to say the sketchy company was even telling Ellen the truth. (There is a 57 year gap between “Alien” and “Aliens”)

    Alien Isolation begins 15 years after Ellen Ripely’s disappearance and tells the story of Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter who went looking for her mom after she vanished… The way Alien Isolation Ends can leave no doubt in the heads of Alien Fans that a sequel was intended…. Please, Please, Please finish what you’ve started…

    • Conal Brady

      i agree was definitely the best game for the year, but i feel i’m blinded to seeing the downside to the game due to my love for alien and the entire universe around it, including prometheus, but personal isolation hit everything on the list, amazing graphics, great atmosphere, great story. The ONLY thing i could probably say negative about it to make more tasks different, too much of the time it was the same thing just different names, it was either go here and fix this, or go here and get this. But, i would LOVE an isolation 2

    • Whisper

      That would be an interesting twist if the company did lie about Ellen’s daughter being dead.

    • eamzy

      Agreed, isolation 2 would make an amazing campaign scenario just as good as the first if not, better.but one thing is for for sure…..Amanda needs To Get that Alien outside her body before the inevitable happens.

  • Thrawn05

    Translation: “Alien Isolation 2: Colonial Marines” confirmed

    • Mike

      Are you really that stupid? Both titles before and after the : contradict each other

      • Thrawn05

        You don’t know what a joke is do you?

        • JB0401


          • eamzy


      • wangson

        jeeze dude….

      • PercMastaFTW

        Are YOU really that stupid?

  • Mike

    “Sega has to know if the game will be profitable before committing to a sequel.”

    Ummm just ask the gaming community…AI was the best game of 2014. The best horror game of 2014. Game of the year and among games of the decade. Just ask people like Markiplier, PressHeartToContinue, Jacksepticeye, TotalBiscuit. They will tell you how fantastic AI is. 2.1 million sales on a genre and a gaming franchise that has been failing for years is a f’ing fantastic achievement and should certify a sequel. A sequel now people have seen how fantastic the game is will sell like hot cakes. SEGA really are stupid. Did they honestly expect 10 million plus in sales after the awful Colonial Marines?? That gave the franchise a bad name. AI has restored it. SEGA have faith in Creative Assembly a fantastic developer. If you aren’t willing then let another studio take the AI licence. WE WANT A SEQUEL!

    • McFearless

      Okay. But you’re missing the point. The game was amazing. Reviews were stellar. But the game did not sell a whole lot of copies and that’s the main issue because companies like Sega still have to, you know, pay for the production costs of their game. Alien; Isolation barely broke even and that’s a risk they just can’t take. If they have an indication that

      • McFearless

        -that the game will do well financially, then they’ll make it. But they’re certainly not stupid for being wary. It’s just good business sense.

      • Charizarzar

        I think that may have been because of how generally crap the other Alien games have been. Maybe expectations weren’t that high.

  • Saul James Bernard Ashbridge

    Sega seriously need to go through with a sequel. What Creative Assembly has already made is gold, a truly amazing gaming experience. Sales were only low because Colonial Marines made people lose faith in the franchise, and Isolation has restored that faith. A sequel to this game is a must. Come on Sega, you know you want to!

    • You’re right. They’ve basically laid the foundations for a Alien Isolation sequel by releasing Alien Isolation itself. They restored people’s views about the series – I think that’s why people are still only just buying it.

  • The way he says “there’s more to be explored” makes me think they are planning an update soon – in an interview recently Alistair Hope denied to talk about a VR update for Isolation and it’s coming to Mac and Linux soon with a GOTY “collection” releasing with trading cards on Steam. He might also be hinting at a massive easter egg nobody’s found yet. I think the devs said something along those lines a while back too. Main thing I want them to add is mod tools. They’ve done it for Total War so I don’t get why not with Isolation – it would of made the game so epic.

  • Thomas

    Please make another I thought it was a great game.

  • roger

    loved this game!

  • Whisper

    All we can do is support SEGA and hope that they will make an alien isolation 2

  • Justin Zerbel

    Sega needs to start taking risks if they don’t want their company going belly up. If they keep sticking to their old ways of doing business they will not last much longer. Alien isolation was a game Done right. It took a team of strategy game designers to pull off a true alien Experience

  • wangson

    i loved alien isolation and consider it amongst the greatest games of all time!!!! I need to buy a sequel!!

  • conservative79

    I absolutely loved Alien Isolation and am so pumped they are doing this. I would turn on my surround sound, shut the lights off, and wow, aliens crawling all around! Fantastic game. I haven’t heard anything lately.

  • Keith SWEAT.

    Definitely one of the most fun and scary games I’ve played and don’t even get me started with the graphics, the shit looked real. Hope to see another alien game coming out in the future

  • nkcwu

    SEGA and CA are too concerned about the short term. If they want long term profitability they got to invest in creating a fanbase to follow (and buy) the brand and titles. If you make only a handful of good one-offs and not grow out of them with sequels then all they got are very expensive day labour jobs; enough to get by, but not creating a base to live off of.

  • Glen Gabel

    Isolation is one of the few games that actually gave me nightmares. Most survival horror games are so contrived and predictable that I find them not worth even finishing. Not since system shock 2 have I felt like a sci-fi game really hit the mark for the right amount of gameplay and moody storytelling. I would buy the sequel in a heart beat.

  • Yurnmbronefan

    I don’t need a story campaign tbh. If they they just make stand alone dl only content for now to keep the fire going, I would be very happy. Expand on Survivor mode and build up some more content for the streaming and the competitive leader board crowd.

  • Marmaduke

    This is definitely the scariest computer game I have ever played…, and I continue to dip into it and no matter how many times bad things happen to Amanda it doesn’t get any less terrifying.

  • Tundra Explorer

    Give me a sequel, and poor as much money as possible into it SEGA, please, please, please. I want to get killed by a xenomorph while getting so scared I won’t sleep for years, with steamVR. Please, let em play as amanda ripley and hide in a elevator, while a seagson synthectic patrols and talks about saftey protocal.

  • Ender Wiggin

    I had nightmares last night thanks to this game. It’s the best game ever; all others fail in the fear department. At least nobody heard me scream! Please make a sequel

    • Dubya

      Did you play the first Dead Space on PS3? It scared the hell out of me on multiple occasions. This game was really scary too, and I sure hope they make a sequel. I liked the fact that it was very long. Too many games nowadays are short as hell. I wan’t my money’s worth.

  • UrpingOtter

    Honestly, I ask myself an everyday question I try to solve. What are the flaws in Alien: Isolation? I have a difficult time. Everything has flaws. Everything. However, Alien: Isolation is a perfect game. The graphics are the most amazing I’ve ever seen in games! The map is huge! The story is awesome! I would love a sequel. I love this game. I must agree, this is the scariest game I’ve ever played. The scare and suspends actually builds up, unlike other ones where you walk around trying to not be seen. In this, there is a little bit of that, but you have to sincerely SURVIVE. People say the AI is so unfair, but when you consider that the xenomorph is a very intelligent creature, you think to yourself,”The AI is a little to dumb, but fair enough for playability, which is nice”. Mostly, if you guys never wanted to do another, the only thing I would ask is to make a DLC multiplayer. And I know you would do good, because the second I layed my hands on this game it was so reliable. It never crashed and was fully what I expected. I think that there are no flaws to this game. I love the Alien movies, except for the third through fifth ones, of course. Like they say, hard work always has its own perks. I am happy of this game. I am happy about everything. I support this game and the developers. I like certain games, and yes, they are my favorites and they have some flaws. But this game is just perfect. The fact that the game actually still goes on around you while in a terminal of just accessing something altogether. The alien model is great, the tail’s physics are great. I love the way this game turned out.

    • jimbrowski

      Alien 3 is a fantastic film, you hush your mouth! Aside from that, I’m in full agreement with you.

  • Ryan 741

    As much as I loved the voice actors from the original characters not having them in the sequel would save a lot of money. Having said that, the opening with Ellen’s voice over was spine tingling good.

  • Gerard Horne

    I love this game to death. A:I is one of the best games I have ever played. Please make a part 2

  • Levera

    I do hope they make a sequel. I played the game at least thirty times, all the through. It never got boring. In fact the more I played, the more I realised I hadn’t seen in the first few go around a of the game. Even still. I hope they make a sequel and not leave us a tight rope, and never finish the amazing story with Amanda.

    But being on Ripley’s team. I swear…Nothing ever good comes from it. Nope. Lol

  • Nick Aites

    You can blame shitpot media outlet like IGN and Gamespot for an amount of the sales loss, those corrupt, stupid punks.

  • donordieguy

    I need alien iso 2 in my near future life. Its the best survivor horror in more then a decade. Also i think a sequel would profit much more for saga then alien iso did, becouse more people have discovered the game over time and the fan base is now much bigger

  • Paul Stewart

    I agree, a great game dripping with atmosphere, very scary at times and looks amazing!!!!
    Please make another Alien game and maybe a predator game too!!!!

  • declan eccles

    i loved the game but i didnt finish it i will be buying it for ps4 brand new so i can get dlc with it i need to finish what i started im definately getting it this mont

  • declan eccles

    oh yeah i hope sega do isolation 2 aswell

  • I loved alien isolation I thought it was a great game.and i would like to see part 2 to the game its bad to leve the game end like this you,s all must make part 2 so we all can finish the game why don,t you,s add part 1 to the part 2 so in stead of a 20 hour game make a 40 hour game why you say just add part 1 to part 2 so we all can go from part 1 and make the way through the game all way to part 2 isolation.

    thanks andrew harkin

  • Glen Gabel

    Alien Isolation was the definitive Aliens game. Nothing else ever produced even comes close to the genuine terror and challenge this game delivers. With the advent of the Occulus Rift becoming a mainstream periphereal there’s even more of a demand for quality first person thrills and this game delivers in spades. I really hope the execs at Sega can see past the short term and invest more into this franchise, or at the very least sell it to a company who will take the ball and run with it.

  • Stevil

    I would love a sequel. I’d like to see them add in more aliens, and the option to actually kill the aliens. Keep the same mechanics and all that, but add in the pulse rifle so we’re fighting multiple aliens and can actually kill them. Coop would also be an awesome addition.

  • Steve Bell

    The reason it didn’t shift is because the genre had never really been marquee. It caught people by surprise. I believe a sequel would sell because now people know what to expect. Remember this is a franchise that was coming off the back of a duff game that got panned. Thats what people were expecting and such a good game as isolation didn’t sell I believe because of that, also.

    Isolation was/is quality, but I would only make a sequel and pump that much money into it if you could expand on what Isolation did. It would be no good making more of the same, you would need to push it with innovations – much like Isolation was an innovation in and of itself you need to keep that development moving or another duffer might beckon and then you’ve lost it completely.

    I think the games industry has been CRYING out desperately for better AI. Isolation delivered an innovation on AI. They tackled it in an interesting fashion I’d like to see it taken further. Advancements in game AI are the next big step in gaming (aside from virtual technology), I trully believe this.

  • Hailey

    I loved it and am currently playing it. took a bit of getting used to the controls but I hope they do a second that aliens AI is hilarious.

  • Steff Müller

    I love this game. Could be a great franchise. They need to keep making them! Most enjoyable game I have played on next gen console so far!

  • nocturne

    please alien isolation 2 please :D

  • Patrick White

    I really hope Sega make a sequel to what was one of the best games I have ever played.

  • Nic pengin6

    One thing they should have done is actually have the save points powered down in new areas without power until you restore power etc, I feel they missed a trick there. Also to have an achievement for completing the game without ever picking up the motion tracker or dying or saving, I found even on the toughest setting there should be a tougher mode?

  • Lea Jones

    Please make a sequel, one of the best stealth games of all time (and I’m a Splinter Cell fan). Plus, very true to the original movie:-)

  • XLostxAngelX

    Although Sega is VERY Wise and Smart about the Concerns, Sega also has to consider the fact that MOST Players who were Introduced to the Alien Movie/Movies in real life will have grown up loving the Alien Game in the first place. That is why Sega SHOULD invest in making a Alien Isolation 2 game and put in the Money and effort into it that way newer Audiences can take a look at it and give the game a chance. But if Sega doesn’t put the money into it and it does poorly that is because many people demand alot from the game in the first place, BESIDES Story Line wise. I’ve watched MANY youtubers play Alien Isolation 1 and even I myself have played it on my ps4 and I LOVED it! Only because I knew about the game and because I was Introduced to it thanks to the actual Movie. So in terms of this, YES you should spend your money on making a Alien Isolation 2 Game it will be worth every penny and you will probably not regret it.

  • spectre 7

    Well for me alien isolation revamped the horror that ridley scott first intended for the orignal movie. This game did it justice with great story atmosphere and graphics. It has gone back to sheer terror now wich is a great thing. Sega should be agreeing to this after messing up the franchise with avp and colonial marines as an appology to the fans . Alien isolation 2 would make a great addition to the alien saga as did the first game.

  • Ben Menashe

    maybe if they would do coop game in the alien isolation 2 it would be profitable

  • VerdenoMC

    I loved alien isolation, I liked the suspense it made. It’s an excellent game, even if it was a horror type game is was very very fun. I had a lot of fun playing it and I’d just love a 2nd alien isolation, that would be the best thing in my life if that happens. So please make a 2nd alien isolation.

  • Souka

    give the girl a pulse rifle and it will sell :))) it didn’t ruin the movie why would it ruin the game? it doesn’t have to be a mindless shooter hell Aliens was a survival horror if anything…
    …these guys could give us the game we all wish for
    AvP 1 and 2 were really cool games for their ages and then came all this dumbed down crap AvP movies and games like 3, Colonial Marines…ugh
    make a tense survival FPS don’t be afraid to mix it up with action

  • KyttKattzz

    I LOVE ALIEN ISOLATION SO MUCH, it gave me something to watch and it was AWESOME, and I really REALLY REALLY want Alien isolation 2 to come out, and spoiler alert!!!! I want to see what to Ripley when she was floating in space and what happened when she pressed that button