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Sega Reveals Team Sonic Racing Car Customization, New Animated Series

The game includes more customization options than you would probably expect.

by Dylan Siegler


Today (March 16), Sega held a panel at SXSW in which they discussed their upcoming Sonic racing game Team Sonic Racing. During their panel, they revealed the game’s car customization features, as well as a new animated series based off of the game.

A new trailer for Team Sonic Racing shows that players will be able to customize their cars in the game to a surprising degree that you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a Sonic racing game. The trailer reveals the ability to change just about everything about your car, from its physical parts to its stats to its colors – you can even customize what kind of sound your horn makes. You can watch the car customization trailer below.

Also announced during the panel was a new animated series called Team Sonic Racing Overdrive, which will act as an animated companion to the game, similar to what Sonic Mania Adventures was to Sonic Mania. The first of two parts of this series is out now and you can watch it below. The second part is due sometime in late April.

Team Sonic Racing is scheduled for release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC in just a couple of months on May 21.

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