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SEGA Will Be Announcing New Game Today For Classic Fans, Could It Be Sonic Related?

by Dean James


SEGA was once on top of the world in the ’90s alongside Nintendo, as the two companies battled for 16-bit supremacy. SEGA certainly has no where near the impact as in the past, but it sounds like they have something up their sleeve, as they are teasing a brand new game announcement for the classic fans.

The company moved onto software development after abandoning the console market following the failure of the Dreamcast. They have put out some quality games in that time since, but overall they have struggled to revive their classic franchises in modern times, namely with their prized mascot Sonic the Hedgehog.

This is what makes a Facebook status from the official SEGA page all the more interesting, in which they tease a game announcement coming later today.

“If you’re a fan of the classics, you’ll definitely want to tune in tomorrow for our new game announcement.”

Of course, the absolutely phenomenal and hilarious official Sonic the Hedgehog account commented and asked “Sonic ’06 Part 2?” That most certainly is not coming, but some sort of follow-up to Sonic Generations for the now 25th anniversary could be possible, or anything else Sonic related that related to the classics.

Another factor here is that the official Sonic the Hedgehog Tumblr account made a random funny post with an image, but the hashtags – though they start with there is nothing hidden in them – says that the best thing about a tease is layers and if you’re following the breadcrumbs, who knows what you will find. This could be completely random, but considering the rumors of a game for the Sonic anniversary and this game announcement, it’s possible they could be connected.

Also, it could have nothing at all to do with Sonic at all. SEGA has plenty of other classic franchises that we haven’t seen in forever that many fans would love to see come back, even if just as a digital game.

What would you like to see SEGA announce later today? Is a more classic Sonic game what you want or do you want to see another series get a chance? Make sure to weigh in below.

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