Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice Boss Intro -Lady Butterfly

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Once again the Sekiro Twitter has dropped an introduction to one of the games bosses. Lady Butterfly. This is one of the bosses that we’ve seen a lot of in Demos and trailers, but now we have her proper Intro. Accompanying the video is the caption “lose yourself in my illusion”-Lady Butterfly, this definitely being a reference to the way the fight commences. As we’ve seen previously Lady Butterfly fights Sekiro while balancing along hairline wires giving the illusion she is suspended in thin air. She nimbly moves from wire to wire staying out of reach of Sekiro’s attacks.

Who exactly is Lady Butterfly? while there is still much to learn, we do know a few things about her. In her intro here She refers to Sekiro as “Son of Owl.” Owl, who we’ve already met in a previous trailer, is the Leader of the Shinobi clan Sekiro grew up in. In previous Demos of this fight we can also here her call him, “The Owl’s brat.” With these two statements we can infer that Lady Butterfly knew both The Owl, and Sekiro. It’s very Likely that she was also part of the same Shinobi Clan. The naming convention of the clan (members being named after animals) also applies to her.

Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice is out on March 22nd, only a month away.

Watch Lady Butterfly’s Intro Below:

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