Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice Reveals New Boss Intro

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A tweet from the official Sekrio: Shadow’s Die Twice page has revealed another boss introduction. Tenzen Yamauchi, General of the Ashina Clan. The tweet also states that a keen eye is needed when facing this foe. This could be in reference to the quick nature of Sekiro’s combat. Sword Parries and counters are a necessary tool when facing a fight. This keen eye may be needed to catch the fast movements of Tenzen Yamauchi and know precisely when to counter his attacks. Combat in Sekiro is going to be unforgiving, and it seems that this boss is where you’ll need those perfectly honed skills to move on.

In addition to the boss intro, the name itself gives us a bit of information. He is the General of the Ashina Clan. This was a real world Japanese clan during the Sengoku era. They were at one point a powerful house of Samurai ruling from Tsuruga Castle, but were defeated and went into hiding. Soon after they emerged again as a clan of ninja. It’s unclear how much of this story will relate to the Ashina Clan in game, but they seem like they could be an interesting adversary in Sekiro.

Yamauchi is also the name of a few important figures during this time in Japanese history, but there are no obvious connections between them and the Ashina Clan. This is most likely taking liberties with the history and drawing from different inspirations.

We’re excited to test our wits against Tenzen Yamauchi when Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice drops on March 22nd.

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