Shank Video and Screenshots

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Shank was recently unveiled to the public at PAX East.  It’s a 2D side scrolling adventure in violence starring Shank,  your atypical violent video game protagonist.  What is not typical however is the game play in Shank.  The game is based around combat such that, whenever Shank is trouble time will slow down.

This gives the gamer a few extra seconds to plan an attack on enemie and should differentiate Shank from many other 2D platformers out there.  The game is absolutely beautiful and runs smooth as silk but don’t take our word for it check out the video below.

Shank is being developed by Klei and published by Electronic Arts.  The game will be available on PC, Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network.

Unfortunately, these screenshots and video have long been retired.  But the good news is you can still get Shank (a pretty good game) at a pretty good price given that it’s nearly a decade old.

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