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Share Play Coming To PlayStation 4 Next Week

by William Schwartz


Have you ever wanted to share the couch co-op experience with friends online but unable to? Ever want to have your friend whom already got a platinum trophy in the game you are playing, take over and help you along? Well, starting next week you can via Share Play on PlayStation 4.

Share Play will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive feature that will require PlayStation Plus to use. Simply all that will have to be done is once you are both online, the host/owner of the game will hold the share button and choose a player to share the experience with even if they do not own the game. It also will allow you to call in friends in co-op games to play alongside you, the video below shows an instance of FIFA 15 where Share Play is used to call in a friend to help them beat the rival team.

This is quite revolutionary in a sense as it will allow players who may not have experienced certain games to experience them. It is quite a genius way of getting players to play together and in turn selling more of those PlayStation Plus subscriptions. I personally will use this feature a lot with my friends and I believe PlayStation nation will be happy when it launches on October 28th. Check out the video below.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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